Jeff Kreisler


I am extremely proud to announce that in September 2006 I won the Bill Hicks Spirit Award For Thought Provoking Comedy.

The award was created with the blessing of the Hicks family and is given to "an extraordinary emerging comedic talent who utilizes laughter to speak the truth & provoke thought."
The winner was chosen by Bill's mother, Mary Reese Hicks.

Those of you who know Hicks realize it's completely inadequate to say that I'm honored and humbled.
I can not express the depths of my eternal gratitude to the Hicks family and the creators of the award for this honor.
Thank you.

It is a reminder to me that - in comedy as well as life - sticking to one's guns, refusing to compromise, and coming from a place of love and respect will eventually be rewarded...
I've still got a lot of work to do.

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