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About "Dollars and Sense"

"A brilliant and accessible look at behavioral economics... Bring your sense of humor, because Kreisler is hilarious." - The Washington Post

“Engaging and funny, rife with anecdotes and advice, the book defangs a difficult topic while teaching a lot.” – Publisher’s Weekly

"It's the rare kind of book that makes you feel a lot smarter, while simultaneously giving you actionable tips for improving your daily life." - Business Insider

"(T)his book is surprisingly entertaining—I laughed out loud several times during the introduction alone. If you’re looking for an illuminating, enjoyable read about how people think about money, and how to get the most out of what you spend, I can’t recommend this book highly enough." - Book Riot

"Quite possibly the most entertaining and insightful personal finance book I’ve ever read. Dollars and Sense is financial literacy at its finest." - Boomer and Echo

“A lively look at how even the wisest among us are too often fools eager to part with our money” - Kirkus Reviews


About Jeff Kreisler speaker & performer

"A one-of-a-kind thinker with a hilarious yet considered point of view, we can all learn some practical life skills from author, speaker, pundit, and comedian Jeff Kreisler." - Intellects

"Delectable... As funny and as quotable as anything that appears daily on late-night TV. You are guaranteed a few laugh-out-loud verbal souvenirs to try out on your friends" - The New York Times

"Hilarious... His audience interactions are smooth and he knows how to stick the knife into our guts in the middle of a belly laugh." - Chicago Tribune

"Reflections so clever, you wonder why they aren't present in the political discourse" - Fest Mag

"A really great performer" - Time Out New York

"The perfect mix of intelligent content and relatable humor for an investment management audience." – Essentia Analytics & Behavioral Alpha

"Totally entertaining and smart" - Bank of NY Mellon

"A truly special event" - The Economist

"What a riot!" - U.S. Dep't of Labor

"I could not imagine learning more while having so much fun" - Dan Ariely, Author of "Predictably Irrational"

"The comic brilliance and intellectual depth was far beyond anything I could have imagined for our benefit evening. You truly demonstrated what is best in American social journalism and comedy today."  - Paul Klebnikov Fund for Journalism & Civil Society in Russia

About "Get Rich Cheating"

"Laugh out loud - roaring" - CNBC

"You'll be laughing all the way to the bank, assuming other cheaters haven't forced it into bankruptcy yet." - Rachel Maddow (MSNBC)

"A very funny book with a very timely message" - Terry Jones (Monty Python)

"A brilliant and brilliantly sustained satirical broadside. On just about every page, you'll find a pithy, pointed barb worthy of the late great George Carlin." - Tony Hendra (National Lampoon, Father Joe)

"Catcher in the Rye for evildoers" - Penthouse Magazine

"Thank God for Jeff Kreisler. He has given us a book that offers a much needed sucker punch to the greedsters who, well, get rich cheating. This is THE book to read in the unemployment line."- Lizz Winstead (Co-creator of The Daily Show)


About writing The Governor's speech

"One of the most rousing speeches of the gathering.” - The Wall Street Journal
“The rabble-rousing speech of the night… (She) made (her) point in dramatic fashion” - New York Times
“One of the best speeches of either convention. Granholm found ways to zing Romney, while also coming across as funny and likable. No easy task. And I don’t even agree with her” - Daily Caller

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"A sweet-faced cherub with dark eyes that promise all manner of chaos... Kreisler changes the pace a bit with a slightly demented, extremely animated set that attacks everything... The three other comics, standing in the back of the bar, crane their necks to see the fireworks, grinning broadly. Piraro breaks into applause.'"

The Scotsman

"A welcome reminder of a time when comedy cut a lot closer to the issues of the day than most comics now dare."

Dallas Morning News

"Kreisler's comedy style had a wonderful, dark theatrical approach that had himself at times being interrupted by his alter ego of his higher-pitched microphone, cracking the whole room up."

T2K logo - Theater2k.com

"The highlight of this all-American evening was final act Kreisler, who, with slow, dry rigour, pulled apart America..."

Three Weeks

Political Comedy

"Jeff Kreisler is a heavy hitter - he has won the Bill Hicks Spirit Award and looks like George Clooney, but sweatier. His hour holds some of the smartest political material around. One of the things that makes Kreisler fascinating is his unashamed love for America; he just hates what has been done to it. The final section, involving Bush, Rumsfeld, Cheney and Rohypnol may be the most powerful description of the past few years of US history you'll hear... slick, political sharp-shooting..."

The Scotsman — Kate Copstick (leading comedy critic)

"It's a great time to see an American political comic, and you'll struggle to find better than Jeff Kreisler. With slick and witty poise he mixes wry observation on current affairs with quirky bouts of surrealism."

Three Weeks

"Up next was Kreisler with his special brand of political and social humour. It's easy to see why he won the inaugural (sic) 'Bill Hicks Spirit Award For Thought-Provoking Comedy'; he tore into politics, race and religion in a similar style to Hicks, but with his own personal slant and some very acute and funny observations... This is one show that will have you laughing from start to finish and is probably one of the best comedy shows at the Fringe..."

Fresh Air at The Festival

"Funny and on-fire Jeff Kreisler followed, snarling about 'Arnold Schwartzenreagan', railing against attack ads and injecting some powerful and pointed political barbs on both sides. With wild, dark eyes and a disarming grin..."

San Francisco Herald

“Kreisler is a master at creating lines that are masked by a kind of humor that pokes fun at anything and everyone, including himself. Whatever his tactic, Kreisler can get his political points and opinions across, and still manages to find favor with the audience... Jeff Kreisler’s hilarious insights into society’s foibles combined with his intelligence, knack for humor, and genial spirits made for an excellent hour of political humor that could be appreciated by both Democrats and Republicans... Kreisler serves as the intermediary comedic glue that has the power to unite political fronts across social spheres.”
- Boston College Observer


"Great stuff. Very Funny."
- United States Senator Tom Harkin

The evening was a great success as a fundraiser, and Comedy Against Evil was the perfect way to wrap up the event. Thanks again! We'll probably invite you down again soon."
- Pasco County (Florida) Democrat Committee


"Jeff Kreisler and his Comedy Against Evil show were amazing. Jeff's act was thought provoking, edgy, and quite hilarious. We're definitely asking him back next year because he had all of us on the floor laughing for an entire hour."
- Georgetown University

“Jeff Kreisler is the absolute funniest man alive. Your act was side splittingly hilarious- your show completely revived our College Democrats chapter and even got some republicans to hang out with us!”
- Brandeis Dems

"Comedy Against Evil was truly a great evening. They found comedy in both Republican policy and the political world in general, giving us a much needed laugh"
- Columbia University College Democrats

"Comedy Against was awesome for a school like ours that never has anyone amazing come to celebrate the like-minded outspoken progressives that refuse to be drowned out the status quo. Truly amazing and a triumph for ND DEMS!"
- University of Notre Dame

"Without a doubt the best event UB College Democrats has ever put on! Jeff was wonderful to work with and absolutely hilarious! We literally laughed until it hurt. After the show, my members and everyone who attended couldn't help but tell me how wonderful it was and asking how we could get a repeat performance! Bravo!"
- University of Buffalo

"Everyone who attended your show thought it was hilarious."
- President, Wittenberg College Democrats

"You were hysterically funny, witty, and a breath of fresh air ... We would love to have you back again."
- Colgate University

"All the feedback was insanely positive and you helped us start off a great weekend. We couldn't have anticipated a better show and you exceeded all expectations. You all had everyone laughing, including the lone conservative sitting in the front row."
- President, Democrats of Clark University & Liaison, College Democrats of Massachusetts

"I could not have asked for a better event! One of the best ways to involve new members and have a great time!"
- Boston College Democrats

"'Comedy Against Evil' was the most fun I've ever had at a political event."
- Case Democrats

"The show was a great success..."
- President, College Democrats, University of Texas-Dallas

"We had a blast!... It was very funny; I particularly like your criticism of Condi Rice... It was great; we were all laughing like crazy. Thanks, and good luck with future shows."
-President, Syracuse College Democrats


"Dollars And Sense" reviews here

"Get Rich Cheating" reviews here.

About GET RICH CHEATING - A Boston Globe Bestseller
"Just by reading this book you'll earn an asterisk next to your name. You'll be laughing all the way to the bank, assuming other cheaters haven't forced it into bankruptcy yet."
- Rachel Maddow (MSNBC)

"A very funny book with a very timely message"
- Terry Jones (Monty Python)

"A brilliant and brilliantly sustained satirical broadside. On just about every page, you'll find a pithy, pointed barb worthy of the late great George Carlin."
- Tony Hendra (National Lampoon, Father Joe)

"Thank God for Jeff Kreisler. He has given us a book that offers a much needed sucker punch to the greedsters who, well, get rich cheating. This is THE book to read in the unemployment line."
- Lizz Winstead (Co-creator of The Daily Show)

More "Get Rich Cheating" reviews here

"A laugh-out-loud script"
- BroadwayBaby

"An excellent send-up"
- Fest Mag

"A punchy multimedia sketch show parodying US political culture... the irreverence of American Dad and the borderline slapstick of Mr. Show... Daily Show-style satirical... The Americans succeeds in being a colourful and engaging portrait of our stateside cousins."
- Metro

"Brilliant, cutting satire"
- Lizz Winstead, creator of The Daily Show

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Business Humor

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"Get Rich Cheating" reviews still here

About MY WALL STREET JOURNAL: New York TimesHuffington Post Boston Globe New York Magazine New York Press Seattle Post Intelligencer National Post ABC News Comedy Central Sydney Morning News The Comics Comic PR Week Media Bistro Reel Pop

"Jeff managed to get a roomful of government statisticians belly-laughing with his hilarious insights into our society’s foibles. NOT an easy task! His observations are sometimes scathing, frequently a bit cynical, and always right on the mark. What a riot!"
- U.S. Department of Labor, BLS Annual Conference

"I could not imagine learning more while having so much fun"
- Professor Dan Ariely, Duke University, Fuqua Graduate School of Business and author of "Predictably Irrational"

"We hired Jeff to write and perform original material for our client, Ericsson, the world leading telecommunications company. We asked the impossible - make mobile advertising funny for a worldwide industry audience - but Jeff delivered with humor and intelligence. Working on a very tight schedule, Jeff created smart and funny content that fit perfectly with our needs. He was pleasure to work with, flexible and accessible, willing to make edits and adaptations whenever asked. Jeff's performance in Stockholm was entertaining and on target. Our client and we are both very happy with the final product, and we hope to work with Jeff in the future."
- Sasan Faghihi, Creative Director, The Study

"People had a great time. We really appreciate you heping us out and adding a great deal of humor to our fundraiser"
- CPA Law Society of Ventura County

"Professional, highly entertaining, engaging, informative, and extremely funny... Jeff, through his unique brand of humor and wit, helped put into perspective the dramatic events of the day."
- Executive Director, World Affairs Council of Northern CA

"Jeff recently performed at a dinner event for our legal organization in San Francisco, which was attended by 580 of the area's top lawyers, judges, and politicians... and he rocked! He was very sharp, witty, funny and topical. He definitely added to the success of our event."
- Bay Area Lawyers for Individual Freedom

"Lawyers Gone Funny was hysterical. Your show turned our night into a smash!"
- Vinson & Elkins, LLP

“The event brought out a large number of individuals who are new to our organization so it was a successful relationship builder too. Everyone keeps telling us what a great time they had and how hysterically funny you were. We are really so very grateful for your participation!”
- Elijah's Promise



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