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Video > Stand-Up

(It is impossible to ever get a "good" video. These are some attempts).

At a little Russian themed jazz bar, intimate, silly, drummer:

Longer set in a theatre, fun, older (i.e. Romney was relevant):

At Caroline's (had a monthly show there), a bit more... strident (performing between W. Kamau Bell & Dick Gregory):

More on Kreisler's YouTube Channel

Video > Writing

Just a random sample. More avail...

Reel from The Final Edition


E True Hollywood: Founding Fathers

Also written by Jeff: Wallstrip Trump, a bunch of Shoot The Messenger (incl. the Consumption Advocate sketches), everything on this You Tube Channel, and a ton of other stuff.

Video > Political Humor

Very recent, raw, unrefined early thoughts on 2016:

New video soon.
Here's some more political stuff from the Glasgow Comedy Festival.
There's more on this YouTube Channel

Video > Business Comedy

Get Rich Cheating Infomercial

There's more "This Week In Cheating," plus "Jeff Kreisler: Unemployed," a biz comedy pilot, and this Funny Money YouTube Channel


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TV Appearances (new reel soon)

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Something Fun

Sellout Santa