Stand-Up comedy

In addition to the books, writing, speaking and behavioral science, Jeff is also an accomplished stand-up comedian.

After all, what is comedy if not the study of human behavior?

Jeff won the Bill Hicks Spirit Award for Thought Provoking Comedy, is a regular on-TV face, Executive Producer of The Final Edition Radio Hour, writer for Comedy Central, Huffington Post, and IFC, cast member of Shoot The Messenger (from the co-creator of "The Daily Show"), and star of the Glasgow, Edinburgh, Calgary, Asheville, New York, Chicago Fringe and San Francisco Sketch Festivals.

His specialty is political absurdism - (find out more at Comedy Against Evil) – and he's performed comedy of all stripes on over 2000 college, club, and theater stages around the world. 

Jeff Kreisler would like to make you laugh.

"Bring your sense of humor, because Kreisler is hilarious" - The Washington Post

"Delectable... As funny and as quotable as anything that appears daily on late-night TV. You are guaranteed a few laugh-out-loud verbal souvenirs to try out on your friends" - The New York Times

"Hilarious... His audience interactions are smooth and he knows how to stick the knife into ourguts in the middle of a belly laugh." - Chicago Tribune

"Laugh out loud - roaring!" - CNBC

"A sweet-faced cherub with dark eyes that promise all manner of chaos... Kreisler changes the pace a bit with a slightly demented, extremely animated set "    - San Francisco Chronicle

"A really great performer" - Time Out New York

"Plenty of polished one-liners and wry observations" - Time Out Chicago

"Kreisler's keen intellect sees to it that tired subjects are rendered shocking and original... Reflections so clever, you wonder why they aren't present in the political discourse." - Fest Mag

"You'll struggle to find better than Jeff Kreisler... With slick and witty poise he mixes wry  observation on current affairs with quirky bouts of surrealism " - Three Weeks

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